HEC Turkey Diyanet Islamic Studies Scholarship For BS And MS

There is a fully funded scholarship program called the International Theology Faculty Undergraduate/Graduate Scholarship available to overseas students who desire to study in Turkey. The TDV International Theology Undergraduate Scholarship Program aims to enlighten their home country and its surroundings, assist in meeting the religious education needs of Muslim communities abroad, and provide students with an education that gives them a clear understanding of Islam and Islamic civilization. The program will help to promote cultural relations between Turkey and related societies.

There are three main divisions among departments of Islamic theology. Each undergraduate student chooses a department from one of these three to take their courses. The departments include those for Islamic Studies, philosophy and religion, and Islamic history and art. On or before February 28, 2023, the application must be made.

Eligibility Criteria:

The following criteria apply to the Türkiye Diyanet Foundation International Islamic Studies Scholarship Program.

  1. Turkish citizens or those who have somehow lost their Turkish citizenship are not eligible for the International Islamic Studies Scholarship Program.
  2. Achieving at least a passing mark (70%) or being able to graduate in July of the pertinent year from a Turkish high school, which equates to grade 12 there.
  3. He pursued his education for more than two years after high school without taking a break.
    Ex-Türkiye Diyanet Foundation scholars who are engaged in any level of study and whose scholarship with the Foundation has not expired may submit an application.
  4. Students currently enrolled in Turkish universities are not eligible for TDV’s Islamic Studies Scholarship Program.

Applying Procedure:

Applications are subjected to information and document verification as part of the first screening process. Following that, applicants are contacted to arrange in-person interviews in their home countries. During interviews, candidates are assessed using the following criteria.

HEC Turkey Diyanet Islamic Studies Scholarship For BS And MS

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