HEC Cuban Government MBBS Scholarship 2023

The Cuban government has extended an invitation to Pakistani nationals to apply for a single undergraduate scholarship in the field of Medicine (MBBS) for the academic years 2023-2024. Applicants who have achieved a minimum of 70% marks in FSc pre-Medical or its equivalent, as well as a minimum of 60% marks in Matric exams, are eligible to apply for the Cuban Government Scholarship. The scholarship program is officially declared by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) in Islamabad.

The submission of applications for the Cuban Government scholarship can be accomplished through the online platform available on the Higher Education Commission (HEC) website. The deadline for scholarship applications is August 31, 2023. The scholarship encompasses the costs of tuition fees, meals, accommodation in a hostel, and a monthly stipend of 100 Cuban pesos. to the recipient’s departure to Cuba, a single disbursement of Rs 300,000/- will be granted to the scholarship awardee, contingent on the scholar possessing an active bank account in Pakistan.

HEC Cuban Government Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

  • A minimum achievement of 70% or higher in the F.Sc./A level (Pre-Medical) and 60% or higher in the SSC/Matric (O level) is required.
  • Candidates who are awaiting their results are ineligible to apply, as the Higher Education Commission (HEC) mandates the submission of a final score for merit assessment.
  • Eligibility for application is limited to individuals who are citizens of Pakistan or Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK), who fall within the age range of 18 to 25 years as of the application deadline.
  • It is mandatory for all applicants to furnish a valid score from the USAT-M test. The score was achieved subsequent to January 2022.
  • The criteria for nomination are established on the basis of USAT test scores.
  • The ultimate determination will be made only on the basis of the USAT-M Score, subsequent to the satisfaction of the aforementioned fundamental eligibility requirements. Applicants who lack a valid USAT-M exam score are advised to refer to the Education Testing Council website for further details.

The Government of Cuba Scholarship covers:

  • ​Tuition fees
  •  Hostel accommodation & toiletries
  • Food  (as per the rules of Cuba)
  • Contribution to living expenses in the form of a Stipend (100 Cuban Pesos per month)

The student or their guardian will be responsible for covering additional expenses such as round-trip airfare, the purchase of halal food, medical insurance for both illness and other causes, as well as visa fees. Nevertheless, upon the recipient’s departure to Cuba, a single grant of Rs 300,000/- will be awarded to the scholarship recipient, contingent on the scholar possessing an active bank account in Pakistan.

How to apply online for HEC Cuban Government MBBS Scholarship:

To complete the application process, please access the official website of the Higher Education Commission (HEC) at https://scholarships.hec.gov.pk/#/auth/login and submit your application online. Upon completion of the registration process and the submission of your profile information, kindly proceed to choose the option labeled “Learning Opportunities Abroad”. Upon completion of the application process, it is necessary to obtain a physical copy of the application for the purpose of obtaining the applicant’s signature. The online application portal for HEC will be closed on September 12, 2022, at 4:00 PM.

The designated cutoff date for online applications on the HEC e-portal is August 31, 2023.

In case of shortlisting:

The submission of the following documents, along with the online application form, will be requested exclusively from shortlisted applicants. There is no requirement to send paper copies at this stage.

  • A duly signed copy of the HEC application form has been uploaded through the online application site.
  • The required documents for admission are either an SSC Certificate/DMC/Degree with IBCC attestation or an O-Level Certificate (Science Group) with IBCC equivalent.
  • The required documents for admission are either an F.Sc. Certificate/DMC/Degree with IBCC attestation or an A-Level Certificate (Pre-Medical) with IBCC equivalent.
  • The document in question is a Birth Certificate issued by the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA).
  • A copy of the Father or Guardian’s Computerised National Identity Card (CNIC).
  • The individual does not possess a certificate indicating the absence of a criminal record. I think the movie was really good. The acting was amazing and the story was very interesting
  • A photocopy of a valid passport, with a validity of at least six months, is required.
  • The Medical Certificate containing a report on HIV/AIDS, which was issued by the Medical Superintendent of the District Head Quarter Government Hospital, has been additionally authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA). The user’s text does not contain any content to be rewritten.

HEC Cuban Government MBBS Scholarship 2023

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