HEC Commonwealth UK Scholarships 2023

Are you an aspiring scholar with a thirst for knowledge and a dream to pursue advanced studies in the United Kingdom? If so, your opportunity to turn this dream into reality has just arrived. The Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan is pleased to announce the opening of applications for the HEC Commonwealth Scholarship for Masters and Ph.D. programs in the UK. This prestigious scholarship, funded by the UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO), is designed to provide financial support to outstanding Pakistani students who aspire to further their education abroad. In this article, we will explore the details and benefits of this scholarship opportunity that could shape your academic journey.

A Path to Excellence: Commonwealth Scholarships

The Commonwealth Scholarship is a beacon of hope for talented individuals who might otherwise struggle to finance their education in the UK. This opportunity is a testament to the commitment of the UK government to promote international education and foster global talent. Here are the key highlights of this scholarship program:

  1. Financial Support: Successful candidates will receive a monthly stipend of approximately £1,347 (equivalent to PKR 521,469), which will help cover living expenses in the UK.
  2. Travel Assistance: The scholarship also includes a return air ticket to the UK, ensuring that scholars can comfortably embark on their academic journey.
  3. Family Support: To accommodate scholars with families, the scholarship offers children and spouse allowances, recognizing the importance of a stable family life during studies.
  4. Study Tour Allowance: Scholars can expand their horizons through study tours, and the scholarship provides financial support for such enriching experiences.
  5. Application Deadline: Mark your calendars for October 17, 2023. This is the deadline for submitting your application for the HEC Commonwealth Masters and Ph.D. scholarship.
  6. Dual Nationality: Please note that only Pakistani and AJK nationals are eligible to apply for this scholarship, and dual nationals are not eligible.
  7. Academic Excellence: To qualify for the Masters’ scholarship, applicants must hold a First Class Bachelor’s or master’s degree (16 years of education). For the Ph.D. scholarship, a first-class degree in a relevant postgraduate qualification (equivalent to 17/18 years of education, such as Masters/MS/MPhil) in the relevant field of study is required by the application deadline.
  8. Academic Record: Applicants must not have more than two second divisions on their academic record.
  9. Previous Enrollment: Applicants should not be registered for a Master’s, Ph.D., or an MPhil leading to a Ph.D. at a UK university before September/October 2023.
  10. Current Pursuits: Students currently pursuing Masters, MPhil, or Ph.D. degrees are not eligible for this scholarship.
  11. Supervisor Support: It is crucial to have the support of a potential supervisor from at least one UK university listed in your application form, especially for Ph.D. candidates.
  12. References: Ensure that two references are submitted online through the UK application system.
  13. HEC Aptitude Test: To qualify, applicants must obtain a minimum score of 60 out of 100 marks in the HEC Aptitude Test (HAT).

Seize the Opportunity

The HEC Commonwealth Scholarship is your gateway to academic excellence in the UK. Don’t miss this chance to receive world-class education with the support of a scholarship that covers your living expenses and more. Take the first step toward your dreams and submit your application to both HEC and Commonwealth portals by the October 17, 2023 deadline. This is your opportunity to shine on the global stage and make Pakistan proud through your academic achievements. Start your journey today, and let your education open doors to a brighter future.

HEC Commonwealth UK Scholarships 2023

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