Gold profits Its shine back, Charge Rallies With The Aid Of Using Rs2,200 In step with Tola in Pakistan

  • Gold price stands at Rs 145,900 per Tola
  • It makes $13 an ounce
  • Domestic silver price drops 10 rupees Per Tola

Gold continued to shine in the domestic market on Thursday as prices rose 1.5%, and as a result, investors’ interest in safe-haven assets returned. Gold prices rose 2,200 rupees/tola and 1,886 rupees/10g to 145,900 rupees/tola and 125,086 rupees/10g, according to data published by the Sarafa Gems and Jewelers Association (APSGJA) of Pakistan. Although gold is seen as a traditional hedge against economic and other global uncertainties, investors have recently preferred the safety of the dollar amid growing concerns about the future. recession and high interest rate environment.

International Market:

In international markets, the price of the yellow metal increased by $27/oz to $1,651 as the dollar continued to climb after a slight decline in the previous session, with an impending rate hike still at a windfall for shoddy bullion. The price of gold in Pakistan is about 2,000 rupees lower than the market price in Dubai. Meanwhile, silver prices fell from Rs 10/tola and Rs 8.58/10 grams to Rs 1,560/tola and Rs 1,337.44/10 grams. As gold is under pressure, silver will also continue to struggle to get ahead, but a strong positive move in gold presents significant risks for silver.

Today Gold Rate Pakistan 30 September, 2022

Gold Rate 24K Gold Rate Today 22K Gold Rate Today 21K Gold Rate Today 18K Gold Rate Today
Gold Rate per Tola Today Rs. 142460 Rs. 130580 Rs. 124645 Rs. 106840
Gold Rate per 10 Gram Today Rs. 122135 Rs. 111955 Rs. 106865 Rs. 91599
Gold Rate per Gram Today Rs. 12215 Rs. 11194 Rs. 10685 Rs. 9165

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