Ghouri Express Train Timing Fare & Online Booking

Check online Ghouri Express Train Timing for the year 2023 from here. Check Fare & Online Booking details are available. The Ghouri Express is a train that runs between cities. A daily passenger train runs between Lahore and Faisalabad called the Ghouri Express. In 1981, the train first began operating. The Pakistan Railways are in charge of and administer the Ghouri Express train.

The Ghouri Express train uses the tracks shared by the Khanewal to Wazirabad, Shahdara Bagh to Sangla Hill, and Karachi to Peshawar branch lines. The journey of the Ghouri Express train takes about 2 hours and 10 minutes, and it travels a distance of about 180 KM.

Ghouri Express Train Timing 2023:

Stop Name
Arrival Time
Departure Time
Lahore JunctionStart18:45
Qila Sheikhupura Junction19:1919:22
Sangla Hill Junction20:1020:15

Ghouri Express Train Fare:

For its passengers, the Ghouri Express train offers varied ticket prices for various classes.

  • The cost of the train’s economy class seat is Rs. 190.
  • The cost of the train’s economy berth is Rs. 190.

Train Stops & Train Numbers

The Ghouri Express train has been assigned the numbers 113 UP for its route from Faisalabad to Lahore and 114 DN for its route from Lahore to Faisalabad by the Pakistan Railway. The Ghouri Express train began its voyage from Lahore Junction and stopped at Qila Sheikhupura Junction, Safdarabad, and Sangla Hill Junction before continuing on to Faisalabad, its final destination.


The Ghouri Express train offers its passengers the convenience of sleeping in cabins in Economy class. For the convenience of their passengers, the seats in the Economy class can be transformed into berths. Additionally, the Ghouri Express train offers passenger catering services. The Ghouri Express train has totally hygienic catering and culinary services. The Ghouri Express train also offers the convenience of nearby shops where passengers can purchase food.

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