Elevated Railway lines proposed for express trains between Mahim and Khar

The Vande Bharat, Shatabdi, and two Rajdhani Express trains that depart from Mumbai Central station can travel directly between Mahim and Khar on a 2.5-kilometer elevated line that has been proposed by the Western Railway’s Mumbai division.

The WR decided to construct an elevated corridor on the fifth line between Mahim and Khar due to encroachment on the alignment. A top official claimed that the fifth line would ensure that there would be no track change, which could otherwise hinder these premium trains.

Currently, there are four lines operating between Churchgate and Mumbai Central. It now has five lines, four for suburban trains and one for long-distance trains, running from Mumbai Central to Mahim. It lowers to four lines once more between Mahim and Khar, with the exception of the two lines for the harbour line, before increasing to seven lines (four suburban, two harbour and one long distance) from Khar to Goregaon.

The combination of the long-distance express trains arriving on the fifth line from Mumbai Central with the suburban local train line in Mahim slows the train’s movement and causes delays because there are only four lines from Mahim to Khar/Santacruz. The official claims that the construction of a fifth line along an elevated corridor between Mahim and Khar will enable express trains from Mumbai Central to run without interruption. The existence of an express train’s own dedicated track will not interfere with the operation of local trains.

The official claimed that despite initial efforts to build a track and a level crossing on the infringed fifth line, the locals objected because it would restrict their access to the burial cemetery. The divisional WR office consequently put out two suggestions due to the existing track: either to reinstate the original plan or to build an elevated corridor above the current road overbridge of Mahim, the creek area, Bandra Terminus, and the burial site up to Khar.

While the divisional office is more excited about the elevated corridor idea, the headquarters is still taking both proposals under consideration. The proposed proposal is reportedly being reviewed with the building department to evaluate the cost component.

1,394 local services, including 79 AC routes, are run by the WR every day. It provides daily commuter service to nearly 27.24 lakh people on its suburban network.

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