District & Session Judge Panjgur Jobs 2023

Are you on the lookout for a fulfilling career in the realm of law and justice? If so, the District & Session Judge in Panjgur, Balochistan, Pakistan, might have just the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. With recent job openings announced in the daily Jang Newspaper on September 22, 2023, this prestigious institution is seeking talented individuals to join its ranks. In this article, we’ll delve into the available positions and eligibility criteria, allowing you to embark on a path towards a rewarding and impactful career.

Current Job Openings

The District & Session Judge in Panjgur, Balochistan, is actively seeking candidates for the following positions:

1. Stenographer

Do you possess exceptional shorthand and typing skills? Are you a meticulous individual who excels at documenting legal proceedings? If so, the role of a stenographer may be the perfect fit for you. This position plays a crucial role in maintaining an accurate record of court proceedings, ensuring that justice is served efficiently.

2. Stenotypist

Similar to a stenographer, a stenotypist is responsible for transcribing spoken words into written form. Precision and speed are paramount in this role, as stenotypists help facilitate the smooth operation of the judicial process.

3. Data Entry Operator

In the age of digitization, data entry operators are essential in managing and organizing critical information. If you have a knack for data accuracy and organization, consider applying for this position, where you’ll contribute to the efficient functioning of the District & Session Judge’s office.

4. Naib Qasid and Tameeli

For those who prefer a more hands-on role, the positions of naib qasid and tameeli offer opportunities to support the daily operations of the court. Whether it’s running errands, ensuring the courtroom is well-maintained, or assisting with administrative tasks, these roles are vital to the overall functioning of the institution.

Eligibility Criteria

To ensure that candidates are well-suited for their respective roles, the District & Session Judge is looking for individuals with educational backgrounds that include a BA or Intermediate degree. While these qualifications are preferred, candidates with relevant experience or skills in the specified fields may also be considered.

Application Deadline

The application window for these exciting career opportunities is open until September 30, 2023, or as per the closing date mentioned in the newspaper advertisement. Interested individuals are encouraged to act promptly to seize this chance to become a part of the District & Session Judge’s dedicated team.

How to Apply

To apply for these positions, interested candidates should refer to the complete advertisement in the daily Jang Newspaper for detailed instructions on the application process. It is essential to follow the provided guidelines to ensure that your application is submitted correctly and within the specified deadline.


1. What qualifications are required to apply for these positions?

  • Candidates with a BA or Intermediate degree are preferred. However, individuals with relevant experience or skills may also be considered.

2. Can I apply for multiple positions?

  • Yes, candidates are welcome to apply for multiple positions if they meet the respective eligibility criteria.

3. What is the application deadline?

  • The application deadline is September 30, 2023, or as per the closing date mentioned in the newspaper advertisement.

4. Where can I find more information about the application process?

  • Detailed instructions on how to apply can be found in the complete advertisement published in the daily Jang Newspaper.

5. Are these positions open to candidates from outside Panjgur, Balochistan?

  • The job openings are open to all eligible candidates, regardless of their place of residence. However, candidates should ensure that they can fulfill the job requirements and relocate if necessary.

District & Session Judge Panjgur Jobs 2023

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