China Is Giving 50 New Compartments To Pakistan Railways In December

The Railway Officials stated to APP that Among the total of 230 compartments approximately 50 compartments will be given that are fully built while the rest 184 will going to be construct in Pakistan by the Engineering branch and the technical staff and they will work under the management of the Chinese Experts.

He also stated that the compartments that are given by the Chinese can run at a speed of 160KM/hr. and for this purpose the group of Pakistan Railways experts are in china for the architect examination of the compartments and also for the high storage wagons.

The Railway Officials also told that the Chinese skilled experts will gave the guidance and the education regarding the operations of the compartments to the mechanical branch of the Railway of Pakistan for how to construct such a high capacity compartments.

He also stated that the Railway of Pakistan is considering to renovate the railway line such as the railway line of the Khanpur to Kotri which is not suitable for such a high end compartments although most of the railway lines were suitable for such a high end speed such as Main Line (ML-I) which can bear the speed of approximately 120KM/hr.

He also states that When the ML-I project will complete till the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), then the total ML-I has the ability to bear such a high end speed that is 160KM/hr.

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He also added in his statement that another agreement of 800 freight wagons and 20 brake wagons with the Chinese company is also under process, the 184 compartments that needed to be built in Pakistan work under the criteria of (Transfer of Technology) and they will be construct in the Pakistan Railways Carriage Factory, Islamabad and the tools supply and raw material for construction will be given by the Chinese companies.

The authorities told that the expert’s team of Pakistan is going to China in the middle of the month of August and it will consist of a total 18 people group of Officials that are going to supervise and examine the structure and the construction of compartments. Although a group of 20 peoples for examining and to get education for the project of transfer of technology.

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