Chenab Express Train Stations Timings & Online Booking

Here all the details are available for Chenab Express Train Stations. Check Timings as well as Online Booking details.The Chenab Express is a daily passenger train operated by Pakistan Railways between Sargoda and Laramtha. Travel time covers distance of 170 kilometers (110 miles) and takes about 3 hours and 30 minutes to travel along part of the Chaukot-Laramtha branch.

Chenab Express Train Stations and Stops

According to Pakistan Railways train numbers, Chenab Express Sargodha to Lala Musa is 135 Up and Lala Musa to Sargodha is 136 Down with Akhtar Karnana, Jaurah Karnana, Dinga, Chak Sher Muhammad, Chilianwala, Mandi Bahauddin, Hariah, Malakwal, Mianwala. Pakwal, Pindo Moukko, Mona, Prawan and Barwal. This train takes about 3 hours and 30 minutes to complete the 147 km journey. Chenab Express 135 Up has 17 stops and Chenab Express 136 DN also has 17 stops. It  operates in economy class only. This train is operated by Pakistan railways.

Chenab Express Schedule Sargodha To Lala Musa

Stop Name Arrival Time Departure Time
Sargodha Jn Start 08:20
Ajnala 08:40 08:45
Bhalwal 08:50 08:55
Phularwan 09:10 09:15
Ratto Kala 09:20 09:22
Mona 09:45 09:47
Pind Mukko 10:08 10:10
Pakhowal 10:25 10:30
Banh Mianwala (Halt) 10:45 11:00
Malakwal Jn 11:15 11:17
Hariah 11:30 11:40
Mandi Baha-Ud-Din 12:00 12:03
Chilianwala 12:15 12:20
Chak Sher Muhammad 12:35 12:37
Dinga 12:50 12:52
Jaurah Karnana 13:05 13:10
Akhtar Karnana 13:35 13:47
Lala Musa Jn 14:00 End

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