Babbacombe Cliff Railway closes again for repair work

The cliff railway, which underwent a 10-month closure following the unfortunate demise of an engineer, has been compelled to suspend operations once more due to technical complications.

The Babbacombe Cliff Railway, located in Devon, was reopened in mid-July. However, it was subsequently announced on Friday that the railway had temporarily ceased operations in order to install new components.

The operators said that the closure of the lift would extend over the duration of the upcoming weekend, as well as the initial days of the following week.

The transportation system transports individuals a distance of 220 meters (722 feet) from Oddicombe Beach to the Babbacombe Downs, situated atop the cliff.

According to a spokeswoman, the activation of brakes when not required is attributed to the integration of contemporary components into an antiquated system.

According to the statement, engineers who were present at the location have proposed a potential solution. However, it is necessary for this solution to undergo the manufacturing process in order to be implemented.

We are diligently engaged in efforts to facilitate the realization of this objective; nevertheless, it is important to note that our operations will be temporarily suspended for the upcoming weekend and the initial days of the following week.

The operators have expressed their intention to contribute financially to a bus service operated by Three Degrees West, with the aim of ensuring continued access to Oddicombe Beach for the public.

The railway system was first suspended in September 2022 following the unfortunate demise of an engineer in what law enforcement authorities classified as a “industrial incident.”

The trustees expressed challenges in procuring materials and labor necessary for conducting repairs and upkeep on the attraction prior to its scheduled reopening in July of this year.

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