Amended Incentive Allowance Notification From 35000 Rs To 400,000 Rs of 2022

The Punjab Finance Department of the Government of Punjab published a notification on 5th October, 2022 of the workers from BPS-01 to BPS-22 that they amend the incentive allowance from 35,000Rs to 400,000Rs.

Amended Incentive Allowance from 35,000Rs to 400,000Rs of Punjab

I am directed to mention that the given agenda by the Punjab Finance Department stated that the Chief Minister of the department has taken a decision under the Department Supervision in the report on 31st December 2019, that the permanent Government employees that are in their job and elected as in different Projects/Policy Units/ Programs/ Policy Cells/ Authorities/ Foundations/ Companies/Funds. PITB, Commission and the workers of the bureaucratic departments can facilitate with the Incentive Allowance having a letter no: A01250 along with their monthly pay and is endorse by the selection board of the Finance Department on the date 22nd October, 2019.  The given amended incentive allowance will be applied from the October 1st 2022.

Rules and Regulations:

The inducement in the allowance is applied on the given conditions:

  • The given allowance will be inspect every year by the Selection Board according to the given publication.
  • If the post-specific allowance or the Executive allowance is permissible then they had no choice except to choose it.

Allowance For BPS-1 to BPS-22 Employees Details:

Sr. NoBasic Pay Scale NoRevised Rates of Incentive Allowance (in Rupees)
1BPS-22Rs. 350,000/- to Rs. 400,000/-
2BPS-21Rs. 300,000/- to Rs. 350,000/-
3BPS-20Rs. 250,000/- to Rs. 300,000/-
4BPS-19Rs. 200,000/- to Rs. 225,000/-
5BPS-18Rs. 100,000/- to Rs. 175,000/-
6BPS-17Rs. 75,000/- to Rs. 150,000/-
7BPS-16Rs. 350,000/- to Rs. 400,000/-
8BPS-11 to BPS-15Rs. 60,000/-
9BPS-05 to BPS-10Rs. 50,000/-
10BPS-01 to BPS-04Rs. 35,000/-

Amended Incentive Allowance Notification From 35000 Rs To 400,000 Rs of 2022

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