Advantage & Disadvantages of Mobile Phones

The twenty-first century is known as the century of scientific progress. Without a doubt, man has made tremendous advances in science and technology in previous decades. This advancement has greatly aided mankind. As a result of this advancement, man has become the most powerful creature on the planet. It has gained access to space and is ready to explore the aeons of time and the depths of the oceans. Because of advancements in mass communication, the world has become a global village. The invention and development of mobile phones is the best example of this.

Importance of Mobile Phones

Life now appears to be impossible without an Android cell phone, because this device has revolutionized mankind’s life. Previously, it was only used to send messages and make phone calls, but it has evolved into a mini computer capable of performing almost all tasks that a computer can. Man has gradually become completely reliant on mobile phones. It found a home in education (online classes during COVID 19), food (online food delivery), health (online medical treatment and health facilities), defence (satellite system and tracking system), GPS, and many other fields.

Online food ordering, online tickets, online shopping, online doctors, online tuition, online video calls, and so on are all possible. All of these amenities are without a doubt blessings for man in this hectic world. Along with these advantages, the mobile phone has introduced numerous dangers into man’s life.

Effects on Health

Excessive use of mobile phones can result in serious health issues. It has the potential to harm one’s vision. It can cause neck and eye muscle damage. Its radiations can harm an individual’s heartbeat and mental health. Excessive phone use can make a man lazy and pull him away from practical life. Its excessive use can result in mental health issues, which can lead to mental illness in humans. Children are more vulnerable because their immune systems are weaker, but they use mobile phones to play games and watch YouTube programmes that can harm them.

Effects on Social Life

Man is regarded as a social animal. It cannot exist unless it meets the needs of its social life. People used to sit together in the evenings in ancient times and discuss the events of the day. This act gave them the opportunity to complete their catharsis while also learning from each other’s experiences. Life has become so hectic that men no longer have time to sit down and discuss issues with one another. This void is filled by social media sites, but unfortunately, the majority of the opinions expressed on these platforms are either false or unfounded. Human social life has been destroyed as a result of this. This generation gap causes discord among individuals, which leads to disaster.

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