Train Fares of Pakistan Railway

One of the most culturally rich ways of utilizing the most of your trip to Pakistan is to use the Pakistan Railway system. The railway system is the bloodstream of the country, connecting the remotest village to the largest cities. Therefore if you are traveling in Pakistan, then you will certainly enjoy traveling on the Pakistan Railways. There is a massive range in prices, classes and cabin comfort levels. It is advised to generally use the first and second class cabins because of comfort levels, and for the most valuable experience.

There are a variety of train fares by Pakistan Railway, however we will focus on the fares for the main routes which are described below and you can get the detailed information on train fares on the Pakistan Railway’s official website You can check fares according to your needs and make your train reservations online from our website. For tourists on the popular routes, there are separate tourist berths also available. These are available on some of the routes below. Note that all the train fares below are in a separate air conditioned cabin – the most expensive, so prices can only be lower.

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